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Plain EngRish #12 : No Smoking

Plain EngRish this week goes out to Asia and its wacky ‘No Smoking’ signs.

For a continent with a rather large smoking population, Asia seems to have an uncanny ability of morphing this common interdiction into some incredibly peculiar EngRish, which differs greatly from one country to the next. Regardless of these differences, however, the result is always the same: highly amusing EngRish.

Let me take you on a little tour of Asia’s ‘No Smoking’ EngRish and you will soon see what I mean.

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The Soba Enthusiast

en·thu·si·ast (ĕn-thū’zē-ăst’)


1. one who is filled with enthusiasm; one who is ardently absorbed in   an interest or pursuit: a baseball enthusiast.

2.  a zealot; a fanatic.

Enthusiasts – they exist for just about anything; wine, football, motorbikes, Startrek, bands, collectables – you name it and there’s someone out there who follows it with gusto… some more so than others.

Enter, Mr. Ito, charismatic soba noodle enthusiast and founder of the Edo Sobauchi Kyoushitsu (Edo Soba School) . Continue reading

The Wonderful World of Onsen

Does the thought of being naked in front of dozens of people make you uneasy? How about having your body buried in hot sand or watching fish feed off your skin? Maybe you’d prefer to walk barefoot over hundreds of rocks or perhaps take a bath outside in the dead of winter?

Out of context, none of these sound very appealing, Continue reading

The Kagaya Experience: Tokyo dining at it’s weirdest

My first day on assignment with the Rough Guide in Tokyo presented me with the most bizarre dining experience of my life.  Actually, it’s up there with most bizarre experiences of my life in general. Continue reading