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5 Toilets You Don’t Want To Find in Asia

If last week’s Friday Fives didn’t make you lose you lunch, this one surely will. Yes, we’re here to address some of Asia’s worst with ‘5 Toilets You Don’t Want to Find in Asia’

Perhaps only marginally less famous than the old E=mc2, is the equation of;

Asia + Toilets = Scary

This is a proven fact that anyone who has traveled to the continent can attest to.  Toilets there are  the stuff nightmares are made of. Worst part is, they’re pretty much unavoidable.

It’s not even the squat-toilet element that’s the issue here – in fact, the squat is a blessing in disguise as it greatly reduces the potential of skin-to-porcelain contact, which as we will see, can only be a good thing. What makes these bathrooms so downright traumatising is, well, see for yourself… Continue reading

At Peace in Thin Air

The sound of my laboured breathing fills my head as I struggle up the last step.  Lhasa’s high altitude makes a marathon out of a simple flight of stairs.  Thankfully there are not too many in the 1,300-year-old Jokhang temple.

Housed in this spectacular spiritual centre of Tibet, is a dark labyrinth of atmospheric devotion.  Prostrating pilgrims with cracked, weathered faces, hundreds of them, have patiently queued for hours to get inside. Continue reading