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Plain EngRish #4 : Surprise Mix

Hello and welcome to Plain EngRish Week #4!!  Thanks to everyone who has dropped by These Roads for their weekly hump-day dose of Plain EngRish… I hope your July has been better for it – I know mine certainly has!  I’d also like to extend a big thank you to those of you who kindly submitted photos to share here with the Plain EngRish-loving community – your keen EngRish spotting eyes have been impressive and very much appreciated… love you long time.

To celebrate the completion of the first month of Plain EngRish, I’ve lined up a little treat for you all – not just one but four photos of Plain EngRish happy for you to enjoy! Enthusiastic cheer! Continue reading

Plain EngRish #3 : Paris Baguette

Welcome back for Week #3 of Plain EngRish!  For any newbies here, EngRish is the term commonly used to refer to the hilarious misuse of English in the non-English speaking world.  Aside from that, all you need to know to get up to speed is this; I love EngRish, I have a lot of EngRish photos and I plan to share them with you here.  Enjoy many many!

This week’s Plain EngRish was sent in by my lovely Kiwi chum, Sophie.  Sophie’s photo showcases some seriously confused EngRish found on bread packaging at the prolific Korean bakery chain, Paris Baguette (파리바게뜨). Continue reading

5 Things I Miss About South Korea

I lived in South Korea for 18 wonderful months and absolutely loved it. LOVED it.  Of course while living in a country so different to my own there were many things I missed about home, but now that I’m back in Australia I’m finding that there are a lot of things I miss about Korea too – so many I think I’ll have to dedicate a few Friday Fives to the topic.

So, without further ado, let me present (in no particular order);

5 Things I Miss About South Korea – Part 1 Continue reading

Plain EngRish #1 : PerPect!

Over the years I’ve been told to to “glide with care” in a Chinese hostel shower, warned against “striding” or “stampeding” at Indian train stations and offered some tasty “lame juice” in Vietnam .  I’ve been enticed to eat in a “surprise meat bar” and drink a “grass of cocktile” in South Korea, instructed not to “litre” in a national park in Laos and welcomed to a “defecation free” town in Nepal. ‘How??’  You ask?  EngRish is how! Continue reading

The Age Old Question

While riding the subway in Seoul during a recent trip back to Korea, I was approached by a Korean ajosshi (middle-aged to elderly, assumedly married man) who asked me where I come from.  호주 사람입니다 (I am Australian), I told him. “Oh, very nice” the man replied in English, “What is your age?”

I could see where this was going – the same place where conversations with a girl of my age always go with elderly Koreans. Continue reading