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A change of plan on These (muddy) Roads

See that road closure sign up there? See all the red ‘closed’ signs? They’re the roads I was supposed to be spending the last 3 days driving on… however, it seems that mother nature had other ideas for my 4WD-ing buddy Phil, and I.  You see mother nature decided to wait until the precise moment that our car left the bitumen and hit the dirt tracks  until she unleashed  her best desert rain storm upon outback south Australia, giving much of this vast region a thorough soaking and causing road closures left right and centre. Continue reading

These Roads on the road

Hello Roadies!  FYI These Roads is currently on the road in South Australia, researching for the upcoming edition of the Rough Guide to Australia.

I was going to sit down and write a quick post about it, but the lovely folk over at World Nomads have just published a post on their site, which explains more or less what I was going to say, thus saving me the trouble! What am I on about? Check out  this link to find out.

I promise I’ll write when I can, but just in case, I’ve scheduled some Plain EngRish GOLD for the next few weeks.

Send any good South Aust tips/hints my way!  I’m looking forward to sharing my stories with you soon!

Welcome to These Roads

Welcome and thank you for joining me on These Roads.  Here you will find tales of adventure and misfortune, hilarity and the unusual.  These are the roads I travel and I’m bringing them home to you.

Until recently, I’d never really written anything with public consumption in mind – I’ve kept a bunch of travel blogs over the years, but they were just a convenient way of documenting memories and keeping friends and family up to date on my escapades overseas.  Now, with my shiny new site theseroads.com , I’m hoping that people who don’t know me might actually read what I write… and maybe even enjoy it… and maybe even suggest my site to others (although, I’ll settle for just read and enjoy for now). Continue reading