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Plain EngRish #17 : Awesome T-Shirts

Of all the wonderful EngRish out there, T-shirts are tops. Not only do they provide us with frequent EngRish sightings, but honestly, I think T-Shirt EngRish is really the greatest EngRish you can find… I mean, people actually wear this stuff! And you know what? I for one love them dearly for it.
Seriously, the prospect of chasing down a moving EngRish target to try to capture a stealth photo of the offending garment… well, it’s something everyone should try at least once before they die.

Anyway, today I’ve got a bit of a China/Japan theme going on with some T-Shirt EngRish I’ve come across over the years.  Enjoy! Continue reading

Craptastic finds: The BIG things

I don’t know why, but Australia seems to have this fascination with BIG things… like really weird and slightly crap big icons. There are dozens of these big things around the country (although, a large concentration of them do seem to be in Queensland and New South Wales… go figure); the big banana, the big pineapple, the big merino… the list goes on.  We make them tourist destinations and they’re so Craptastic that people actually stop at them, or in my case, make quite large detours to seek them out. Continue reading

Plain EngRish #16 : Hilarious Hotel Regulations

Plain EngRish this week takes a look at a couple of the more amusing hotel regulations I’ve come across on my travels.  Gear up for some laughs kids – there’s a lot of EngRish gold coming your way!

Continue reading

Plain EngRish #15 : Menus

Another week and another dose of Plain EngRish is here! Re-visiting the Menu theme from a few weeks back, here are some more great menu muddles from around Asia. Honestly, who knew dining out could be so funny?? Continue reading

Plain EngRish #14 : Rules, rules rules

Today in Plain EngRish #14, we learn that Asia, like anywhere else in the world has rules.  It’s just that in Asia, rules often come in the form of EngRish.  These, as you may have guessed, are my favourite kind of rules.

To ensure you stay on the right side of the law on your Asian adventures, be sure to adhere to the following rules… even if no one else does. Continue reading

Plain EngRish #13 : The Young Elderly Fisherman Menu

Last year I discovered a place that is every EngRish enthusiast’s dream. Plain EngRish heaven, one might even say ; The Young Elderly Fisherman restaurant in Chengdu, China.

After chancing upon this random little eatery, we were tickled pink… and as I’m sure you can imagine, our decision to dine at the Young Elderly Fisherman was based entirely on the amusing name (young AND elderly?? Really??).   Already my day had been made (it doesn’t take much), but then we opened the menu. HOLY CRAP! It was amazing!  Never in  my wildest dreams had I dared to believe that a menu so packed with Plain EngRish gold could ever exist.  Honestly, you couldn’t even make stuff like this up!  Don’t believe me?  See for yourselves; Continue reading