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5 Examples of Awesome Melbourne Street Art : Hosier Lane

There’s a reason my home town of Melbourne, Australia is considered one of the World’s Most Livable Cities – it’s a freaking cool place.  Melbourne oozes with culture and activity, it’s a place where the mainstream is overshadowed by the edgier, artier, funkier side of life and for those of us lucky enough to walk its colourful streets, Melbourne is a place that never fails to entertain or amaze… particularly if you know where to look.

Not only does Melbourne boast some of the best cafes, restaurants, shops and art galleries in Australia (let’s even go as far as to say among the best in the world… I might be a tad biased though), it’s also home to a multitude of very cool laneways that are packed with some of the finest treats of the city.   Continue reading

Melbournian Ron Mueck’s amazing sculptures.

I share my birth-city of Melbourne, Australia with a bunch of famous people.  Actors (Eric Bana and Cate Blanchett, for example), singers (Kylie Minogue springs to mind), rich guys (such as Rupert Murdoch) and infamous criminals (like Chopper Read) who have all made international names for themselves by doing what they do and excelling in it (the exception being Kylie Minogue, who can’t sing but has somehow still managed to become world famous).   Well, now another famous Melbournian has been brought to my attention Continue reading