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5 Gross Foods To Try (or not) In Asia

Trying local dishes is inherent to travel. There’s really no escaping it… and nor should you want to!  Some of the most amazing meals of my life have been consumed while traveling – Indian curries, Japanese sushi, Cambodian Amok, Chinese duck – the list is long. These are the meals that have left their mark on me for their deliciousness… they’re the stuff my hunger-fueled daydreams are made of, they’re what keep me trying new foods everywhere I go.

But then there are those dishes that are memorable for other reasons; for the significant challenge they posed to my stomach and gag-reflex, for making me want to cry at the prospect of eating them, for their downright grossness. Some look much worse than they tasted, others tasted worse than they look, but they all took a lot of mental-conditioning to put into my mouth and they’re all reasonably common dishes in their local sphere. It is to these foods that this week’s Friday Fives is dedicated.

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5 Things To Do In Beijing

Beijing is undoubtedly one of the great cities of the world – it’s big, it’s old and it’s bursting with cool.  There is so much to see and do in Beijing it doesn’t really matter how long you spend there, you’re likely to leave feeling like you only just scratched the surface (I mean, even old mate Peking Man thought Beijing was a pretty happening spot about half million years ago… Imagine what the city has come up with since then!)

This week’s Friday Fives are my pick of things to do in Beijing – not necessarily all the big name sights (although, you should probably check them out too), but the 5 things I enjoyed most during my time in the city. Continue reading

The Soba Enthusiast

en·thu·si·ast (ĕn-thū’zē-ăst’)


1. one who is filled with enthusiasm; one who is ardently absorbed in   an interest or pursuit: a baseball enthusiast.

2.  a zealot; a fanatic.

Enthusiasts – they exist for just about anything; wine, football, motorbikes, Startrek, bands, collectables – you name it and there’s someone out there who follows it with gusto… some more so than others.

Enter, Mr. Ito, charismatic soba noodle enthusiast and founder of the Edo Sobauchi Kyoushitsu (Edo Soba School) . Continue reading

The Kagaya Experience: Tokyo dining at it’s weirdest

My first day on assignment with the Rough Guide in Tokyo presented me with the most bizarre dining experience of my life.  Actually, it’s up there with most bizarre experiences of my life in general. Continue reading