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Plain EngRish #16 : Hilarious Hotel Regulations

Plain EngRish this week takes a look at a couple of the more amusing hotel regulations I’ve come across on my travels.  Gear up for some laughs kids – there’s a lot of EngRish gold coming your way!

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Plain EngRish #12 : No Smoking

Plain EngRish this week goes out to Asia and its wacky ‘No Smoking’ signs.

For a continent with a rather large smoking population, Asia seems to have an uncanny ability of morphing this common interdiction into some incredibly peculiar EngRish, which differs greatly from one country to the next. Regardless of these differences, however, the result is always the same: highly amusing EngRish.

Let me take you on a little tour of Asia’s ‘No Smoking’ EngRish and you will soon see what I mean.

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5 Toilets You Don’t Want To Find in Asia

If last week’s Friday Fives didn’t make you lose you lunch, this one surely will. Yes, we’re here to address some of Asia’s worst with ‘5 Toilets You Don’t Want to Find in Asia’

Perhaps only marginally less famous than the old E=mc2, is the equation of;

Asia + Toilets = Scary

This is a proven fact that anyone who has traveled to the continent can attest to.  Toilets there are  the stuff nightmares are made of. Worst part is, they’re pretty much unavoidable.

It’s not even the squat-toilet element that’s the issue here – in fact, the squat is a blessing in disguise as it greatly reduces the potential of skin-to-porcelain contact, which as we will see, can only be a good thing. What makes these bathrooms so downright traumatising is, well, see for yourself… Continue reading

5 Gross Foods To Try (or not) In Asia

Trying local dishes is inherent to travel. There’s really no escaping it… and nor should you want to!  Some of the most amazing meals of my life have been consumed while traveling – Indian curries, Japanese sushi, Cambodian Amok, Chinese duck – the list is long. These are the meals that have left their mark on me for their deliciousness… they’re the stuff my hunger-fueled daydreams are made of, they’re what keep me trying new foods everywhere I go.

But then there are those dishes that are memorable for other reasons; for the significant challenge they posed to my stomach and gag-reflex, for making me want to cry at the prospect of eating them, for their downright grossness. Some look much worse than they tasted, others tasted worse than they look, but they all took a lot of mental-conditioning to put into my mouth and they’re all reasonably common dishes in their local sphere. It is to these foods that this week’s Friday Fives is dedicated.

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Plain EngRish #4 : Surprise Mix

Hello and welcome to Plain EngRish Week #4!!  Thanks to everyone who has dropped by These Roads for their weekly hump-day dose of Plain EngRish… I hope your July has been better for it – I know mine certainly has!  I’d also like to extend a big thank you to those of you who kindly submitted photos to share here with the Plain EngRish-loving community – your keen EngRish spotting eyes have been impressive and very much appreciated… love you long time.

To celebrate the completion of the first month of Plain EngRish, I’ve lined up a little treat for you all – not just one but four photos of Plain EngRish happy for you to enjoy! Enthusiastic cheer! Continue reading

Try Something New: Volunteer in Cambodia

If you’re heading to Cambodia, you should probably be warned that you’re in for one of the most fun, interesting and enriching trips of your life.  Between the tropical beaches of the South, the jaw-dropping Angkor temples of the North and the heart-wrenching yet eye-opening war remnants scattered around the country, it’s easy to while away weeks, if not months, in this dusty, friendly place.  So why not spend some of this time giving a little back to a country that you will invariably get so much from? Continue reading