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Top 5 Bali Destinations

The island of Bali, Indonesia has been a favourite among travellers for many decades and anyone who has ever been here – or even just seen a few photos – can see why.  ‘Paradise‘ is a word that often comes up when talking about Bali… well that and ‘Drunk Australians‘ if I’m going to be completely honest.  Neither description is without merit but thankfully the latter is quite easily avoided.

With my week-long holiday drawing to a close, I will admit that rather than traipsing around the island on this, my fourth visit to Bali, I have spent an inordinate amount of time doing, well, not a whole lot.  I pepper my days of soaking up rays by the pool with the odd massage, a manicure, a second helping of lunch or bout of shopping. Yep, it’s been Rancho-Relaxo all the way… Bali’s pretty good for that. Continue reading

Plain EngRish #7 : VD Collection

Plain EngRish this week comes to you from the beautiful island paradise of Bali, Indonesia, where I’m currently enjoying a lovely, relaxing week-long holiday (don’t hate me).

With my glorious return to Asian soil I expected to find, as I have on so many prior visits to Bali, a plethora of EngRish to share with you all. However, I am sad to report that in 5 whole days I have had just two EngRish sightings. TWO! One of which I wasn’t even armed with my trusty camera to capture! (for the record, it was a price list for a day spa offering ‘Neil polishing’.   Continue reading