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Plain EngRish #10 : Makeover


This week in Plain EngRish we will see that not only can EngRish make us laugh, it can also make us beautiful! Get those pens ready to take notes people. It’s time to beautify! Continue reading

Plain EngRish #9 : Wheelchairs

Happy Wednesday Roadies! Plain EngRish #9 is here today for your midweek viewing pleasure and ready to tickle your funny bones with some glorious platinum EngRish!

Clearly the EngRish Gods are smiling upon us today as they have sent us some Plain EngRish gold  straight from the heart of mis-translation heaven (a place also known as China). A big thank you to my buddy, Meg (and her sharp-eyed friend), for this week’s photo which, I must say, it is one of the finest examples of English-gone-wrong (or rather, EngRish-gone-right) I’ve had the privilege of viewing in my long-time love affair with language-blunder phenomenon. Continue reading

Plain EngRish #8 : Ayurvedic Health

Greetings and happy Wednesday from Mount Buller in  Victoria’s beautiful Alpine National Park!  From tropical Bali one week to the Australian snow fields the next – it’s a tough life, but someone’s gotta do it, right?

We’re in for quite the Plain EngRish treat this week.  Another beauty found in the lovely beach town of Arambol in Goa, India (honestly I ask you, does India ever fail to provide??).   Continue reading

Plain EngRish #7 : VD Collection

Plain EngRish this week comes to you from the beautiful island paradise of Bali, Indonesia, where I’m currently enjoying a lovely, relaxing week-long holiday (don’t hate me).

With my glorious return to Asian soil I expected to find, as I have on so many prior visits to Bali, a plethora of EngRish to share with you all. However, I am sad to report that in 5 whole days I have had just two EngRish sightings. TWO! One of which I wasn’t even armed with my trusty camera to capture! (for the record, it was a price list for a day spa offering ‘Neil polishing’.   Continue reading

Plain EngRish #6 : Prisoner of Love

Hey hey Roadies!  Week #6 of Plain EngRish is here and ready to bring some happy-joy to  your Wednesday morning (or afternoon… or whenever you are reading this).

Looking through the last few glorious weeks of Plain EngRish, I’ve noticed something a little troubling: the absence of a seriously major player in the EngRish leagues.  JAPAN. Where have you been hiding??

It is widely agreed that Japan is something akin to the cradle of civilization when it comes to EngRish, and for decades the Land of the Rising Sun has dominated Continue reading

5 Toilets You Don’t Want To Find in Asia

If last week’s Friday Fives didn’t make you lose you lunch, this one surely will. Yes, we’re here to address some of Asia’s worst with ‘5 Toilets You Don’t Want to Find in Asia’

Perhaps only marginally less famous than the old E=mc2, is the equation of;

Asia + Toilets = Scary

This is a proven fact that anyone who has traveled to the continent can attest to.  Toilets there are  the stuff nightmares are made of. Worst part is, they’re pretty much unavoidable.

It’s not even the squat-toilet element that’s the issue here – in fact, the squat is a blessing in disguise as it greatly reduces the potential of skin-to-porcelain contact, which as we will see, can only be a good thing. What makes these bathrooms so downright traumatising is, well, see for yourself… Continue reading