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Hot Tips of where to go and what to do from These Roads

3 Extraordinary Places to Visit in Northern Ireland in Two Days or Less – A guest post from Alex Papa

Northern Ireland: Carrickfergus Castle on your way to The Glens of Antrim

Tradition suggests you first think of Northern Ireland as a barren place without interest or wonder. To do so means you miss a rich chance to explore a very vibrant and intoxicating country. Where else will you find the enchanting Mourne mountain range that inspired C.S. Lewis to create Narnia? Continue reading

5 Examples of Awesome Melbourne Street Art : Hosier Lane

There’s a reason my home town of Melbourne, Australia is considered one of the World’s Most Livable Cities – it’s a freaking cool place.  Melbourne oozes with culture and activity, it’s a place where the mainstream is overshadowed by the edgier, artier, funkier side of life and for those of us lucky enough to walk its colourful streets, Melbourne is a place that never fails to entertain or amaze… particularly if you know where to look.

Not only does Melbourne boast some of the best cafes, restaurants, shops and art galleries in Australia (let’s even go as far as to say among the best in the world… I might be a tad biased though), it’s also home to a multitude of very cool laneways that are packed with some of the finest treats of the city.   Continue reading

Top 5 Bali Destinations

The island of Bali, Indonesia has been a favourite among travellers for many decades and anyone who has ever been here – or even just seen a few photos – can see why.  ‘Paradise‘ is a word that often comes up when talking about Bali… well that and ‘Drunk Australians‘ if I’m going to be completely honest.  Neither description is without merit but thankfully the latter is quite easily avoided.

With my week-long holiday drawing to a close, I will admit that rather than traipsing around the island on this, my fourth visit to Bali, I have spent an inordinate amount of time doing, well, not a whole lot.  I pepper my days of soaking up rays by the pool with the odd massage, a manicure, a second helping of lunch or bout of shopping. Yep, it’s been Rancho-Relaxo all the way… Bali’s pretty good for that. Continue reading

Student’s Guide To Travelling Overseas On A Budget – Guest Post by Timothy Ng

Travelling the world on a budget is a dream many of us have, even non-students. The smell of freedom is irresistible, not to mention the ability to discover new cultures, make new friends and buy some groovy souvenirs from far away places. The new buzz word to travelling in “style” is called “frugalistic.” OK, I just made this up, but I’, sure you get the idea.

Budget Travel for Money-Conscious Students

Contrary to popular belief you don’t need to be loaded to travel and see the world. All you need is a plan, a budget, and some smart guides to help you pack well, travel savvy and save money along the way. This article will help you get the best value for the least money spent. Continue reading

5 Things To Do In Beijing

Beijing is undoubtedly one of the great cities of the world – it’s big, it’s old and it’s bursting with cool.  There is so much to see and do in Beijing it doesn’t really matter how long you spend there, you’re likely to leave feeling like you only just scratched the surface (I mean, even old mate Peking Man thought Beijing was a pretty happening spot about half million years ago… Imagine what the city has come up with since then!)

This week’s Friday Fives are my pick of things to do in Beijing – not necessarily all the big name sights (although, you should probably check them out too), but the 5 things I enjoyed most during my time in the city. Continue reading

5 Ways to Keep Your Travel Memories Alive

This time last year I was somewhere in Vietnam, I think, although off the top of my head I couldn’t say that with any real certainty.  It’s annoying, this forgetting business – details are fading, faces in the ol’ memory bank have become fuzzy and I’m finding it increasingly difficult to recall names of places that were not so long ago at the very centre of my existence. Continue reading