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Craptastic finds: The BIG things

I don’t know why, but Australia seems to have this fascination with BIG things… like really weird and slightly crap big icons. There are dozens of these big things around the country (although, a large concentration of them do seem to be in Queensland and New South Wales… go figure); the big banana, the big pineapple, the big merino… the list goes on.  We make them tourist destinations and they’re so Craptastic that people actually stop at them, or in my case, make quite large detours to seek them out. Continue reading

Craptastic finds : Camel Balls

So, my brother-in-law gave me a present today – a little somethin’-somethin’ he picked up at a news agency in Jindabyne, NSW… Something incredibly Craptastic.
Yes, as any good brother-in-law would do, he gave me CAMEL BALLS BUBBLE GUM!!!

What the hell?  Camel Balls?  How wrong is that?!
Evidently, in my book, it’s so wrong it’s actually brilliant… so brilliant that it runs dangerously close to taking the ‘Crap’ out of Craptastic (in which case you’d probably just replace it with the original ‘Fan’ part of the word… otherwise you’d just be left with ‘tastic’… which I guess still kind of works, but sounds a little weird).

Anyway, back to the matter at hand: Camel Balls.  Let’s just take a closer look Continue reading

Craptastic finds: Ned Kelly Outlaw Mints


You know those things that are so bad they’re actually really good? I love those things! They’re what I call ‘Craptastic’ (that’s a mix between ‘crap’ and ‘fantastic’ if you’re a little slow off the mark).  

Well, I made quite the craptastic discovery last week when my brother-in-law and I stopped in a town called Tumut in New South Wales, en route to the Snowy Mountains.  Browsing the souvenir shelves in the tourist info centre (not much else going on in Tumut – the info centre was a highlight), my eyes were drawn to a shiny and very kitsch tin of mints bearing a well-known bearded face and the words ‘NED KELLY ~Such is Life~ OUTLAW MINTS’. Continue reading