Plain EngRish #17 : Awesome T-Shirts

Of all the wonderful EngRish out there, T-shirts are tops. Not only do they provide us with frequent EngRish sightings, but honestly, I think T-Shirt EngRish is really the greatest EngRish you can find… I mean, people actually wear this stuff! And you know what? I for one love them dearly for it.
Seriously, the prospect of chasing down a moving EngRish target to try to capture a stealth photo of the offending garment… well, it’s something everyone should try at least once before they die.

Anyway, today I’ve got a bit of a China/Japan theme going on with some T-Shirt EngRish I’ve come across over the years.  Enjoy!

From Tokyo, Japan, one of my favourite T-Shirts ever… EngRish gold;

My biggest regret in life is not buying this T-shirt.

“Global Environment
Spirit Coin”

A poem or simply random English words strung together on a T-shirt? Who cares ?!  It has combined the words ‘R.Feather’ and ‘Spirit Coin’ for no apparent reason… which make is a highly desirable item of clothing in my book.  Why-oh-why didn’t I buy when I had the chance??

Item 2 today comes from Chengdu, China;

Umm, 'Yxsda?'. That's not actually a word...

I think that print would do better on a little party pill than on a T-shirt…. perhaps that’s where the inspiration came from, hmmm? Gold.

Back to another Japanese wonder;

Woah, waaay too much information!

“Some Wonders Lurk In This Stuff
This article is turning me on I don’t
KNOW The Reason Why,
though being relieved by health”

Umm… Yeah. I don’t know why this article is turning you on either…. some wonders indeed.

And finally, another from China;

This T-shirt hold some answers... are you ready for them?

“Friendship is

Now, after studying this strange message for a while, I’ve managed to extract the following message by popping a space between some letters to make actual words and moving them around – a long shot, yes…  ‘Six years ago prior to this he had been active’… then there’s the left over letters that spell ‘sago’ which doesn’t seem to fit anywhere. Yah, it still makes zero sense even after cryptic fiddling. I believe this makes it Pure EngRish.  Anyway, now we know what friendship is, right? Good.

Seen any good EngRish T-Shirts? Bought any yourself? What did it say? Send a photo along to for the next edition of Awesome EngRish T-Shirts!

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3 responses to “Plain EngRish #17 : Awesome T-Shirts

  1. The first T-shirt is a very nice one, I love it. I really wonder where I can get it. It looks very stylish and creatively made. Thanks for sharing.

  2. hahaha… love the “helf” tshirt.. did u actually buy the shirt?

    how’s it been since winning worldnomads?

  3. That friendship shirt is just crazy who took the time to come up with this. And how will you know when you got the right meaning. I think the first shirt is nice you should have gotten it.

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