Honey, I’m home!

Hey there Roadies – long time no see! Blogging slackness duly noted – it’s been a busy few months! After 6 exhaustingly fun weeks of running about South Australia researching for the Rough Guide to Australia (more on that later), I returned home (sporting the trucker tan from hell) and chained myself to my desk for a few solid weeks of writing up.  Bad news is, I had to take a little break from These Roads to give myself enough brain power to get all my work done. Good news is that I’ve finally finished writing my chapter and blogging shall return to normal (well, as normal as it’s ever been around here).

In the coming weeks (months, whatever) you can expect a some tall tales from my adventures in South Australia and, among other things, the return of everybody’s favourite weekly dose of Plain EngRish (yes, there are still plenty of great EngRish photos in my little bag-o-tricks and the discovery of a new ¥100-like Japanese store in Melbourne looks set to promise a never-ending supply of new material!)

Anyway, must dash – I’ve got some posts to write.

One response to “Honey, I’m home!

  1. Hope you enjoyed my home state!!

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