Plain EngRish #15 : Menus

Another week and another dose of Plain EngRish is here! Re-visiting the Menu theme from a few weeks back, here are some more great menu muddles from around Asia. Honestly, who knew dining out could be so funny??

First up from Pauly ‘the healthiest man on the sub-continent’ Pembo (there’s a great story behind there, remind me to tell it one day), is this confusing menu found in Mumbai, India.

Fasting Food... Umm, oxymoron much?

Wouldn’t have thought any foods were fasting food… particularly not ‘Finger Chips’ (aka. French Fries) And, what is Potato Toast??

Menu woe number 2 was found on Jeju Island in South Korea;

'Surprise meat'... not what I want to see on the menu

I think one needs to be careful when promoting ‘surprise’ foods…  Surprise Dessert Bar, for example, would work wonderfully… Surprise Meat Bar? Not so much.

Tokyo, Japan offers us this little trio of dishes;

What a tasty combo...

Squid balls, SpLing roll in cheese and Crispy fried gristle… mmmmm (and an extra 5 points for the apostrophe in the Fried chinese ‘dumpling’s’ too).  Now, I ate the crispy fried gristle and have to say it’s actually pretty tasty!  It just needs a little re-vamp with the name and I think it could take off in the English-speaking world (y’know, like how Foie Gras isn’t called ‘mashed liver’).  I think the secret is not exposing the origin of the, erm, gristle… perhaps take a little advice from the Surprise meat bar above?

Our final menu woe comes from the newest inductee into the Plain EngRish Hall of Fame, Vietnam! Welcome, and thank you for this laugh in Hanoi;

Haha! Lame Juice. Epic Fail.

100% Lame Juice… fantastic.

Well, that’s it for this week Roadies.  As always, if you have any EngRish photos you’d like to share, just email your photo along to with details on where you found your EngRish and a link back to your site if you’re that way inclined.

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