Plain EngRish #13 : The Young Elderly Fisherman Menu

Last year I discovered a place that is every EngRish enthusiast’s dream. Plain EngRish heaven, one might even say ; The Young Elderly Fisherman restaurant in Chengdu, China.

After chancing upon this random little eatery, we were tickled pink… and as I’m sure you can imagine, our decision to dine at the Young Elderly Fisherman was based entirely on the amusing name (young AND elderly?? Really??).   Already my day had been made (it doesn’t take much), but then we opened the menu. HOLY CRAP! It was amazing!  Never in  my wildest dreams had I dared to believe that a menu so packed with Plain EngRish gold could ever exist.  Honestly, you couldn’t even make stuff like this up!  Don’t believe me?  See for yourselves; (oh, and please excuse the poorly framed and somewhat blurry photos – I couldn’t keep still enough from laughing so hard to take a decent shot).

Does the pot tea tree paternal aunt??? Now THAT'S a name for a dish!

'The sheet iron squid must'... must what? Make me gag? Mission accomplished.

'The carrot burns the beefsteak' and 'Sheet iron fermented'

'Folds the root of the ear'... 'Fragrant mouth duck'... 'Crisp Sand Corn'...They all sound so appetizing, I can't decide!

Mmm... 'Chicken juice silver treasure', chicken-cooking shiitake and, my personal favourite, 'Assorted Soup'.

"The water fermented soybean explodes the duck intestines"... wow.

As I’m sure you’ll agree, from the evidence provided here today, The Young Elderly Fisherman takes the crown for Best EngRish Menu Ever. Long live the Y.E.F.! If you’re ever in Chengdu, you’d be well advised to hunt it down (you’d also be wanting to find this EngRish too).

Have you seen an EngRish menu to rival the Y.E.F.?  Or any other EngRish photos you’d like to share?  If so, email your photo to with details on where you found your EngRish and a link back to your site if you’re that way inclined.

Until next week…

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7 responses to “Plain EngRish #13 : The Young Elderly Fisherman Menu

  1. Def the best so far!! Reminds me of the time we went to a Chinese restaurant in an outer suburb of Rome. Chinese translated to Italian translated to English = gold. Unfortunately I did not take any photos though.

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  3. Thanks for this one Amy. Best I’ve seen.
    I just subscribed to “these roads” and I love it. Definitely Your Thang!

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