Plain EngRish #11 : Freudian Slips

Greetings and welcome back to These Roads for Week #11 of Plain EngRish where the English is bad, the EngRish is good and Freudian Slips are the flavour of the month!

I love the EngRish line-up for today’s post and would like to say a very big thank you to David and Darryl for bringing home the bacon for us this week.  Not only are their photos hilarious, but they also bring about the induction of 2 new countries into the Plain EngRish Hall of Fame.  Amazing!

First up, from Darryl, the Red Baron, is this wonderfully named Chinese grocery store found in Panama, our newest EngRish Hall of Fame inductee.

A grocery store with a happy ending...?

“Mini Super Fuk”.  That has got to be the best Chinese grocery store name ever. Seriously. Great work Darryl and well done Panama! (or should the congratulations go to China?)

Moving on over to something from our second Hall of Fame inductee tonight; Greece.  Our superstar Roadie, David Tame (who also brought you this EngRish gem back a few weeks ago), has once again come through with the goods with this lovely luminous sign for a bar in Crete;

Yes, that does indeed say "Music Cock Bar..."

Ummm, maybe there are some smashed neon lights in the shape of the word ‘tail’ after that illuminated ‘cock’ part that aren’t showing up on the photo, or maybe the bar has some kind of caged bird fighting going on inside, or just maybe this is the some of the most brilliant unintentional swearing I have ever seen.  Whatever it is, it’s awesome.

On the subject of Cocktails, how about this one from my old faithful, South Korea…

Cocktile anyone?

Cocktiles.  I hear they’re half price during happy hour…

And one more final Freudian Slip from this restaurant (again from Korea);

Ironically enough I found this just by the area known as ‘Hooker Hill’ in Itaewon, Seoul. Nice-uh.

Have you seen any Freudian Slip EngRish? Or any other EngRish you’d like to share with us at These Roads?  If so, send it along to with your photo, a link to your site (if you have one) and some info on where you found your EngRish.  All submissions will be loved, cuddled and fed lots of cocktiles.

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4 responses to “Plain EngRish #11 : Freudian Slips

  1. I love Engrishie from Korea! I saw so many amazing examples of English gone bad. Is ‘Starbutts’ still at the base of the fore mentioned hill in Itaewon?

    Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

  2. Hehe… mini super fuk… that sounds like an oxymoron 😀

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