Plain EngRish #9 : Wheelchairs

Happy Wednesday Roadies! Plain EngRish #9 is here today for your midweek viewing pleasure and ready to tickle your funny bones with some glorious platinum EngRish!

Clearly the EngRish Gods are smiling upon us today as they have sent us some Plain EngRish gold  straight from the heart of mis-translation heaven (a place also known as China). A big thank you to my buddy, Meg (and her sharp-eyed friend), for this week’s photo which, I must say, it is one of the finest examples of English-gone-wrong (or rather, EngRish-gone-right) I’ve had the privilege of viewing in my long-time love affair with language-blunder phenomenon.

Wow. How very non-P.C.... and confusing.

“Deformed Man End Place”

What the hell? End Place?? And what about deformed women? Do they get an ‘end place’ too?

Seeing this photo reminded me of a few other wheelchair-related oddities I’ve seen in my travels – not EngRish, so to speak, but weird and slightly wrong, which, as you well know, is a recipe for entertaining…

This one, also from China (seriously, what do they have against wheelchairs there?)

Umm, that's a lake and a fence, not a wheelchair ramp... ©TheseRoads

And this, er, creative ensemble found in a church in southern India (yes, India strikes again!)

Crafty... ©TheseRoads

I have two words for this chair: Quintessential India. Oh, and one more: Brilliant.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s edition of Plain EngRish.  Get excited people, because September is shaping up to be a stellar EngRish month at These Roads, thanks to some very generous submissions over the last few weeks.  Be sure to check back soon for more EngRish gold!

If you want to share the EngRish love, send your photos to along with details of where your EngRish was found and anything other info you’d like to share (links to your site, background story to your EngRish finding… whatever).  I promise to laugh at your EngRish… as long as it’s funny.

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2 responses to “Plain EngRish #9 : Wheelchairs

  1. Haha! That sign is great. As is EngRish. And, therefore, this post series! Love it!

  2. Yay! EngRish lovers unite!

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