5 Examples of Awesome Melbourne Street Art : Hosier Lane

There’s a reason my home town of Melbourne, Australia is considered one of the World’s Most Livable Cities – it’s a freaking cool place.  Melbourne oozes with culture and activity, it’s a place where the mainstream is overshadowed by the edgier, artier, funkier side of life and for those of us lucky enough to walk its colourful streets, Melbourne is a place that never fails to entertain or amaze… particularly if you know where to look.

Not only does Melbourne boast some of the best cafes, restaurants, shops and art galleries in Australia (let’s even go as far as to say among the best in the world… I might be a tad biased though), it’s also home to a multitude of very cool laneways that are packed with some of the finest treats of the city.  So numerous and interesting are these hidden little streets and alleys that it can take even the most dedicated laneway-lurking Melbournian years to fully explore.

For this week’s Friday Fives I thought I’d share with you my favourite Melbourne laneway with a few photos of the stunning street art that has graced its walls over the last few months – it is a constantly evolving space where not even a Banksy piece is safe (read this article for more on the Banksy piece removal debacle).

Welcome to Melbourne’s Hosier Lane.

5 Examples of Awesome Melbourne Street Art : Hosier Lane.

I love this colourful Ganesh – my favourite of the Hindu deities and Hosier pieces.

An interesting spin on Ron Mueck’s ‘Wild Man’ sculpture.  Mueck is a Melbournian artist whose incredibly life-like sculptures are nothing short of amazing. Check out my post (with some very cool photos) on his Australian exhibition here.

I believe in smoking unicorns too… well not really, but I think it’s pretty.

This one is so simple yet quite beautiful.  It just makes me smile.

These light-box installations are awesome… Last time I was in Hosier Lane new artwork was being put up in the boxes (they’re updated every few months).  To me they typify what is so cool about Melbourne’s laneway art.

Hosier Lane is located in Melbourne’s CBD, close to Flinders Street train station.  It runs on the grid between Flinders Street and  Flinders Lane and  between Swanston and Exhibition streets.  The Flinders Street end is opposite the entrance to the Atrium in Federation Square.

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