Plain EngRish #8 : Ayurvedic Health

Greetings and happy Wednesday from Mount Buller in  Victoria’s beautiful Alpine National Park!  From tropical Bali one week to the Australian snow fields the next – it’s a tough life, but someone’s gotta do it, right?

We’re in for quite the Plain EngRish treat this week.  Another beauty found in the lovely beach town of Arambol in Goa, India (honestly I ask you, does India ever fail to provide??).  This beacon of EngRish excellence was sent in by David Tame, author of “The Secret Power of Music”. As you will see from the wonderfully crafted signage below, David may also lay claim to having discovered The Secret Powers of Ayurvedic Health Treatment.

How could anyone ever get sick in India with wonder cures like these around!?

Ayurvedic Health Treatment Herbal medicine.  Originated in India 5000 year old.  No Sidffets.

(down from top left) Appetitesers, Madness, Sunstrok, Hernia, Vomiting, Tumours, Gas Trouble, Epllepsy, Leprosy, Diarrohea, Diabetes, Tonsiltis, Fever, Sexal Veakness, Paralysis, Itching, Stomach, Memory, Typhoid, Nerves, Thirst.”

Wow, my spell-check went crazy when I typed this up… so much medicinal EngRish, so little time!  I’ve taken the liberty of underlining the EngRish spelling for you above (Sexal Veakness would have to take the cake).

Hooray for India and its EngRish and hooray to David for sending this in!

If you want to be a super EngRish star like David and have your photo featured in Plain EngRish, just send an email along to with your photo, a link to your site (if you have one) and some info on where you found your EngRish.  I promise it will be well and truly looked after and laughed at.

Until next week…

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