Plain EngRish #7 : VD Collection

Plain EngRish this week comes to you from the beautiful island paradise of Bali, Indonesia, where I’m currently enjoying a lovely, relaxing week-long holiday (don’t hate me).

With my glorious return to Asian soil I expected to find, as I have on so many prior visits to Bali, a plethora of EngRish to share with you all. However, I am sad to report that in 5 whole days I have had just two EngRish sightings. TWO! One of which I wasn’t even armed with my trusty camera to capture! (for the record, it was a price list for a day spa offering ‘Neil polishing’.  Whether this was in fact EngRish for ‘Nail polishing’ or an invitation for anyone named Neil to come and get lucky is somewhat unclear).

Whether the lack of EngRish spotted has anything to do with the fact that I’ve been lazing pool-side a whole lot is inconsequential – it is clear that the EngRish of Bali has fallen victim to something called the English-speaking tourist, insofar as there is very little amusing signage around compared to my last visit to the island 10 years ago. Evidently, the increasing number of tourists visiting Bali have had a negative impact on the frequency and brilliance of EngRish (to my great shock, I even witnessed a well-meaning tourist inform the ‘Neil polishing’ establishment of their spelling folly. The horror!  Seeing EngRish die like that is something I hope I’m spared from witnessing again for the rest of my days).

This week is a very important one for Indonesia.  Not only does the country celebrate 65 years of independence from the Dutch, but it also marks its joyful induction into the Plain EngRish Hall Of Fame with this charming signage found at a beachfront market stall… (to be accurate, my Mum found it – her EngRish spotting skills are coming along nicely as you can see).

Oh, a collection of Venereal Disease. How lovely! ©TheseRoads

Well how fortunate, a bit of VD is exactly what I was in the market for!  Do tell me more about your collection…

It may be scarce, but the EngRish in Bali still contains a few laughs.

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