Plain EngRish #6 : Prisoner of Love

Hey hey Roadies!  Week #6 of Plain EngRish is here and ready to bring some happy-joy to  your Wednesday morning (or afternoon… or whenever you are reading this).

Looking through the last few glorious weeks of Plain EngRish, I’ve noticed something a little troubling: the absence of a seriously major player in the EngRish leagues.  JAPAN. Where have you been hiding??

It is widely agreed that Japan is something akin to the cradle of civilization when it comes to EngRish, and for decades the Land of the Rising Sun has dominated in this field with some of the most hilariously bizarre and  prolific production of the stuff known to mankind.  However, in recent years, Japan has faced some stiff competition from its eastern neighbours, Korea and China, whose impressive EngRish production threatens to topple the long-standing Japanese reign.  Who knows what amusement will unfold if/when the EngRish Tigers, Korea and China, take over the mighty Nippon.

In tribute to a truly great leader, this week I am proud to announce the induction of long-time leader, Japan into the Plain EngRish Hall Of Fame with this oddly named arcade game.

Plain EngRish Of The Week #6

Japan, I am, and always will be, your prisoner of love. ©TheseRoads

Japan, we salute you!

Does Japan still rule the EngRish world or is its time as king drawing to a close?  Where do you think has the best EngRish?

Don’t forget, you can have your own photos shown in Plain EngRish with your name, a link to your site (if you have one) and a little info on where you found your Plain EngRish. All published submissions will be credited and very much loved.

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2 responses to “Plain EngRish #6 : Prisoner of Love

  1. Think you might be right about Korea and China. Their EngRish is getting better (as in worse) and there is much more than in Japan nowadays. I like your EngRish posts 🙂

  2. Thanks Yeut. That’s lovely to hear!

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