Plain EngRish #5: Seductive Nepalese Pashima

It’s that time of the week again!  Now in case you are new here, let me bring you up to speed;  Each week I select my favourite EngRish photo to post here in the joyful segment, Plain EngRish.   ‘What is EngRish?’, well, EngRish  is the term given to misused English in non-English speaking environments – it can be found on anything from menus to T-shirts, ads and street signs… it’s everywhere, it’s hilarious and it’s here for you to enjoy every Wednesday.

Kicking off the second month of Plain EngRish, Nepal makes its grand entry into the Plain EngRish hall of fame. Sadly, Nepal was a little light on the EngRish at times (that, or the 2 years I’d spent in Asia was having an adverse impact on my EngRish-radar… entirely possible), but rest assured that when the EngRish came out to play, it did so in platinum style! This seductive invitation from a pashmina scarf, for example, had me laughing for days…


I thought you'd never ask, dear pashmina.  ©TheseRoads

Brilliant work, Nepal! So enticing… so very odd.

Be sure to drop by again next week for another fix of EngRish goodness.

As always, if you have a photo to contribute a photo to Plain EngRish, send it along to with your name, a link to your site (if you have one) and a little info on where you found your Plain EngRish. All published submissions will be credited and very much loved.

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6 responses to “Plain EngRish #5: Seductive Nepalese Pashima

  1. Your blog needs a “Like” button, like there is on Facebook….coz I “Like” this one.

  2. Helf! I’ve fallen and now I think I’m an elf. O.o

    Dear human…. >.<

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