Plain EngRish #4 : Surprise Mix

Hello and welcome to Plain EngRish Week #4!!  Thanks to everyone who has dropped by These Roads for their weekly hump-day dose of Plain EngRish… I hope your July has been better for it – I know mine certainly has!  I’d also like to extend a big thank you to those of you who kindly submitted photos to share here with the Plain EngRish-loving community – your keen EngRish spotting eyes have been impressive and very much appreciated… love you long time.

To celebrate the completion of the first month of Plain EngRish, I’ve lined up a little treat for you all – not just one but four photos of Plain EngRish happy for you to enjoy! Enthusiastic cheer!

The photos you are about to see are Asian in their origin (as usual), but their photographers hail from countries as diverse as Cameroon, South Africa, England and Australia… it’s seems that the magic of EngRish is lost on nobody.

Our first Plain EngRish of the week was spotted by the observant eye of Mr. G. Pepper, in the land of the casino, Macau.

Interesting… and what is an enteKprise, exactly?            ©TheseRoads

The next stunning EngRish specimen was sent in by my high-flying friend, Louis, who found the following on a Chinese-made urn;

Yes kids, you won’t forget the friend you give your ‘flower’ to and apparently they’ll be happier for it…  Words to the same effect have been uttered by many randy young boy the world over.   ©TheseRoads

“Don’t Forget me. Just think how happy friend will be when you give your flower”

The 3rd submission for this week’s Plain EngRish extravaganza was captured by the lovely Miss Katy in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Is there anything this surprised fish can’t do!??     ©TheseRoads

“You are ever seen and need to massage by man. Now we have a surprised fish is able to massage really exciting and better then man. was called “GARRA RUFA Dr. Fish.”  Dr. Fish could clean the old cells to lot the new one grow quickly.  Also know the therapy and release your exhaustion immediately, as well as fun with a superb experience. After massage, you will get smooth skin without Bacteria.  LET is FUN & Experienced Together”

Rounding up the Plain EngRish for July is this little doozy I found in Icheon, South Korea;

I can think of better names for a clothing shop… but sure, let’s go with DUMP ©TheseRoads

As always, if you would like to contribute a photo to Plain EngRish, send it along to with your name, a link to your site (if you have one) and a little info on where you found your Plain EngRish. All published submissions will be credited and loved.

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3 responses to “Plain EngRish #4 : Surprise Mix

  1. Hello Amy,
    Am really enjoying the articles, and am glad you published my EngRish pic too. This is definitey the site to turn to when l need to relax.

  2. Hey Aimes –
    Loving the blog – love the classic EngRish!!
    Take care

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