Plain EngRish #3 : Paris Baguette

Welcome back for Week #3 of Plain EngRish!  For any newbies here, EngRish is the term commonly used to refer to the hilarious misuse of English in the non-English speaking world.  Aside from that, all you need to know to get up to speed is this; I love EngRish, I have a lot of EngRish photos and I plan to share them with you here.  Enjoy many many!

This week’s Plain EngRish was sent in by my lovely Kiwi chum, Sophie.  Sophie’s photo showcases some seriously confused EngRish found on bread packaging at the prolific Korean bakery chain, Paris Baguette (파리바게뜨).

Expats living in Korea often spend a great deal of time at their local Paris Baguette trying to find un-sweetened bread (quite a rare commodity in Korea, let me assure you).  If they’re lucky, they’ll score a low-ish sugar content bread (which is about as savoury as a sponge cake) – and if they’re really lucky, they’ll come across utter randomness like this;

Plain EngRish Of The Week #3

Plain EngRish - Week #3

         "F-Style and fresh... a life style brand with fine"               Stick to baking, Paris Baguette        ©TheseRoads

“Paris Baguette Premium Bread : This soft goods the good materials in the body and a possibility of eating with the families together and fiber of these fibers, uses the fresh one materials with family brand where it is F-style and fresh.  It uses find, Edo it is good and the mouth to be joyful to paris newly the fortune well of the baguette’s round it is a life style brand with fine”

Thank you to Sophie for such wonderful Plain EngRish gold!  보고 싶어요, 친구.

If anyone else has a photo to contribute to Plain EngRish, send it along to with your name, a link to your site and a little info on where you found your Plain EngRish. Each week I will post my favourite photo to the Plain EngRish segment, crediting submissions and hooking up some linkage back to the photographer of the week’s website.

Plain EngRish – Week #1

Plain EngRish – Week #2

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7 responses to “Plain EngRish #3 : Paris Baguette

  1. Well, if you hadn’t hinted that it was bread I would never have guessed. It is very funny!!

  2. Gilbert Pepper

    l’m a big fan, been lovin ur EngRish for a long time. Will be sending in my contribution soon. Great job Amy.

  3. Authentic Parisian cuisine!

    • Mixed with some authentic Korean EngRish to boot!
      Oh, how I wish it were authentic Parisian bread… the cardboard loaves from 7-11 tasted better – and that’s really saying something!

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