Try Something New: Silent Party in Goa, India

Every Saturday  between November and April, revellers in Goa congregate to dance the night away at the idyllic grassy flats of Neptune point – Palolem’s stunning star-lit, beachside party venue. This weekly party might look like a regular beach party, but it certainly doesn’t sound like one.  In fact, it don’t sound like much at all – it’s dead silent.

The silent party concept is by no means a new one, but it is the perfect answer to Goa’s strict noise pollution laws that ban outdoor music after 10pm.  Rather than dancing away to music pumped out through speakers, silent parties deliver the tunes straight to your ears via wireless headphones, creating an oh-so-quiet outdoor nightclub.

The Silent Noise party on Neptune Point is Palolem’s original (and best) headphone party.  What really sets it apart from some of the other silent parties is that you can flick between 3 live DJ stations dishing up a range of music-styles to your state-of-the-art headphones…  making it possibly the only place in the state where you can escape the ever-present Goan Trance music.

With the headphones on, it feels like you’re at a normal dance party (even if everyone is dancing to the beat of a different drum – literally), but take the headphones off for a while and you’ve got yourself a whole different kind of entertainment… watching a bunch of people dancing their hearts out to, what sounds like, absolutely nothing is something you’ve got to see at least once in your life – plus the headphones are a handy excuse for ignoring any party sleaze-bags who might come your way.

If you’ve never been to a silent party before (and even if you have), you should absolutely check this one out!

Try something new. Go to a Silent Party in Goa, India.

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