Plain EngRish #1 : PerPect!

Over the years I’ve been told to to “glide with care” in a Chinese hostel shower, warned against “striding” or “stampeding” at Indian train stations and offered some tasty “lame juice” in Vietnam .  I’ve been enticed to eat in a “surprise meat bar” and drink a “grass of cocktile” in South Korea, instructed not to “litre” in a national park in Laos and welcomed to a “defecation free” town in Nepal. ‘How??’  You ask?  EngRish is how!

Welcome to the “21th century” where EngRish “is abounds”! For anyone who hasn’t been fortunate enough to witness the wonder that is EngRish, please, allow me to explain; EngRish is the term commonly used to refer to the misuse of English in (mostly) Asian countries (I say ‘mostly’ because traces of EngRish have been found all over the non-English speaking world, however, more often than not, it’s an Oriental phenomenon).

EngRish generally comes in the form of misused English grammar, creative  spelling and/or oddly translated or random sentences that can be found on anything from T-shirts, advertisements and street signs to shopfronts, household products and restaurant menus – oh, the menus! – and in my humble opinion, it’s awesome.

I took hundreds of EngRish photos during the time I lived in South Korea – where the EngRish flows particularly thick and fast – and over the years I’ve collected many more fine EngRish examples from all over Asia.  My friends on facebook go nuts for these photos , so I thought maybe it’s time to share the love in some larger circles through the creation of a weekly segment that I hereby name ‘Plain EngRish’.

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty and kick the segment off with this little gem – found (and subsequently purchased) in Suwon, South Korea. I think you’ll find it’s perpect, erm, perfect for the inaugural edition of Plain EngRish.

Plain EngRish Of The Week #1
The Plastic Pencil Box of Pure Perpection.                 ©TheseRoads

If you have an EngRish photo you’d like to submit for Plain EngRish, email with your name, site link, EngRish photo and a little info on where you found it. Each week I will post my favourite photo to the Plain EngRish segment, crediting submissions and hooking some linkage back to the photographer of the week’s website.

Be sure to check back next week for more EngRish gold!

*Disclaimer: Before anyone has a crack about political correctness here, please remember that this is all done in jest – I love Asia, its people and its cultures…  I just also happen to love its creative use of English.*

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2 responses to “Plain EngRish #1 : PerPect!

  1. I am on the lookout!!

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