Melbournian Ron Mueck’s amazing sculptures.

I share my birth-city of Melbourne, Australia with a bunch of famous people.  Actors (Eric Bana and Cate Blanchett, for example), singers (Kylie Minogue springs to mind), rich guys (such as Rupert Murdoch) and infamous criminals (like Chopper Read) who have all made international names for themselves by doing what they do and excelling in it (the exception being Kylie Minogue, who can’t sing but has somehow still managed to become world famous).   Well, now another famous Melbournian has been brought to my attention and shall be added to the list – the amazingly talented, hyperrealist sculptor, Ron Mueck, whose fantastic work is on display at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane until August 1st, 2010.

"A Girl"

Unfortunately I missed Mueck’s exhibit when it was showing in his (our) home city of Melbourne at the NGV, so when a recent trip to Queensland coincided with the exhibit opening in Brisbane, I blazed a trail to the gallery to see me some Mueck! Best 12 bucks I ever spent (actually, to be accurate, it was the best 12 bucks my mum ever spent – thanks mum!).

"Wild Man"

The longer you stare at Mueck’s controversial, life-like sculptures (that are rarely life-sized) the more real they seem to become… I wouldn’t have been at all surprised if the giant, naked “Wild Man” got off his seat and started walking around the exhibit trying to find some pants to put on, or if one of the tiny “Two Women” broke from her pose to ask for directions to the nearest bingo parlour.

"Two Women"

The details in Mueck’s figures are brilliant – hair follicles, goose bumps, veins and scars enhance their realistic qualities… and if, like me, you’re a little immature and art isn’t usually your thing, you’ll be sure to get a few giggles from looking at all the bums and willies on Mueck’s sculptures – yes, there’s something for everyone.

"Man in a Boat"

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3 responses to “Melbournian Ron Mueck’s amazing sculptures.

  1. They are so lifelike, that is amazing! I know where you are coming from, I had to double take and read back the wild man seemed so lifelike I couldn’t believe he was a sculpture.

  2. Crazy, isn’t it!? They look so alive, like they’d be warm to the touch… it’s hard to believe they’re made of fiberglass resin.
    Can’t wait to see the rest of his work!

  3. I truly loved reading your post. Thanks!

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