Welcome to These Roads

Welcome and thank you for joining me on These Roads.  Here you will find tales of adventure and misfortune, hilarity and the unusual.  These are the roads I travel and I’m bringing them home to you.

Until recently, I’d never really written anything with public consumption in mind – I’ve kept a bunch of travel blogs over the years, but they were just a convenient way of documenting memories and keeping friends and family up to date on my escapades overseas.  Now, with my shiny new site theseroads.com , I’m hoping that people who don’t know me might actually read what I write… and maybe even enjoy it… and maybe even suggest my site to others (although, I’ll settle for just read and enjoy for now).

Why the sudden urge to write for the public? Well, a few months ago something pretty strange happened to me. I won something… something pretty cool.  I don’t generally win things (I did once win a jar of nuts at a school fete though), so I was completely blown away when in some amazing twist of fate, I won the 2010 World Nomads Tavel Writing Scholarship.  This scholarship sent me to Japan to work with travel writer extraordinaire, Simon Richmond on the Rough Guides to Tokyo and Japan – an incredible experience that was infinitely educational, mentally and physically challenging and a whole lot of fun. So much fun in fact, that I’m pursuing further work with a few major guidebooks and will hopefully be on the road again to research and update your next holiday destination soon!

Anyway, I thought it only fitting to kick this new site off with the piece that opened the door to travel writing for me and a few of my favourite tales from my recent trip to Japan with the Rough Guide.  You can read all my Japan posts at my World Nomads scholarship blog here.


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